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The toilet times - The wedding writer

The wedding writer

Series video học tiếng anh miễn phí không cần đăng ký tại

Nguồn audio: Trích đoạn trong tập podcast "Meet the Masters with Susan Schneider" của chương trình podcast thuộc bản quyền của Wedding podcast network. Audio được chích ra và chia sẻ lại chỉ với mục đích giúp đỡ người học tiếng anh


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TRANSCRIPT: (transcript chỉ chính xác tương đối, nó chỉ giúp bạn hiểu ý chính của câu chuyện)

Holly: So, Susan. Welcome to meet the Masters

Susan: Thank You, Holly

Holly: I loved this book and I know, it is, it, it grew out of your everyday experiences. So why don't you tell everybody a little bit about why you wrote The Wedding Writer.

Susan: Well, in a way I feel as though this novel, uh, was given to me. It was, it was as though I was living it every day and then I had to write it. So, my experiences at all of the bridal magazines and the bridal industry were so interesting and so unplumbed by other writers, there have been many novels written about magazines as you know. But somehow no one really touched Bridal and it's such a special, uh, it's a special area within what the larger women's fashion magazine milieu...

Holly: May I ask you this, though, because it really does start off with magazine you know, I think Princess Bride

Susan: Uh,...

Holly: and tulle magazines folding...

Susan: That's right.

Holly: and I kind of remember that you know, being in Bridal media and

Susan: Yeah,...

Holly: you know and...and...and being at bridal market and meeting all of the editors, uhm, such as yourselves over the years,uhm, which has been a privilege's like getting to know you over the years, and, so this is a real treat to have you personally on...

Susan: Oh, thank you, Holly

Holly: Oh, thank you but ya know, I do remember when modern bride and elegant bride...

Susan: Yeah

Holly: Did, know, closed doors and I have to say your book opens kind of like that so was, there is that fact that....

Susan: It was amazing and that's what I mean like it was almost, the novel was almost given to me because I immediately incorporated those events into the very beginning of the novel, it was so dramatic, I mean it's like you can't make this stuff up, you know, I got a, uh, phone call from a ,friend, dear friend of mine at Modern Bride, the beauty editor, uh, Mary Clark and she just said they just folded both magazines modern bride and elegant bride and we were all so stunned at this news, uh, that I just, you know, spent the rest of the day talking to everybody on the bridal guide staff and you can imagine the sorts of, of, feelings people had

Holly: Well, I think that there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes and obviously you experienced it in reality but you also have, on these really fabulous characters and and their connection not only to each other but also to their families...

Susan: Right.

Holly: to the men their lives

Susan: Right.

Holly: to their what you call OB FX office best friends forever

Susan: Right, right.

Holly: so, you know there's a lot, you know with balance of...of work and...and...and real life so tell us a little bit because the four heroines the book

Susan: Yes.

Holly: Are, uhm, you tell tell everybody about them?

Susan: Okay, uhm, everybody who I know who's in the business keeps saying to me "Am I in the book? Am I that character? Am I that character? it's so interesting and....all four of the main women characters are really composites of women who I know in the bridal industry, uhm, and then on some level they're all me because I really understand them all and I've known these women very very well so we start with an older editor who is being thrown out of her job, uh, which is something very common in the magazine industry and probably in many other industries too as I'm told and she's being, uh, uh, replaced by her own protege, Lucky, who is really the main character in the novel. Lucky is a very ambitious young woman who comes from a very, uh, difficult background and is super determined to make it, she has no choice because if she doesn't make it as a working woman she has to really go back to where she comes from and she does not want to do that on pain of death, so this is a girl who is willing to go the distance, uh, and the other so her...her mentor, Grace, is thrown out of her position so that Lucky can ascend to the top of the magazine. Uh, the other characters, Sarah, is the fashion director she is the woman who knows Bridal Fashion the way she knows the back of her hand, Shigo has been to every bridal market for the last, No, 20 years and she is a single woman who has spent her entire career dressing other women for their weddings and as you can imagine there's a certain point in see in this character, uh, Felice is the art director of the magazine and she is married but with a teenage son who is giving her tons of trouble and her marriage is also in a really bad place so what I'm trying to do is deal with real-life women who are working in a world of fantasy so it's the contrast between sort of the grid of everyday life and the glamour of the world of weddings.


Susan, Holly, Lucky, Felice, Grace, Mary Clark, Sarah, Shigo là tên người. (Vì chỉ nghe nên không đánh vần nên tôi chế đại cách viết của tên)

Uh, Uhm: chỉ là những từ vô nghĩa, bị vấp.

Ya: viết tắt cho "you"

Start off (with): begin something in a particular way (bắt đầu cái gì đó theo một cách đặc biệt)

Kind of: slightly but not exactly, or in some ways (hơi hơi,...)

Stunned: too surprised or shocked to speak (quá kinh ngạc không nói nổi)

Behind the scenes: secretly, while other things are happening publicly (hậu cảnh)

Fabulous: extremely good or impressive (ấn tượng)

Make it: be successful at something (thành công)

On pain of death: If you do something on pain of death, you will be killed if you do not do it (Không làm thì chết)

Go the distance: To finish something you have started (Làm tới cùng, làm lâu dài)

Know something/somebody the way you know tha back of your hand: Know something very well (biết rõ cái gì/ai đó nằm lòng bàn tay)